We partnered with consumer-health giant Midsona

slowly midsona partnership illustration

You know you’re onto something — and it’s pretty cool — when you’re called on by the big honchos in industry to deliver more of their products.  With Midsona behind us, Slowly will now enable customers to "press play" on a wide range of natural, organic & better products at competitive prices. 

Slowly is the only D2C service in the Nordics that offers monthly delivery of non-perishable household essentials that you need “on flow" all year round.  [Yes, we know there is traditional grocery delivery available, but we intentionally focus on an important recurring slice of it, and do it better for our members].

Midsona is just one example  and an influential one — of a Nordic producer who shares our ethos and vision to help customers lead more sustainable, healthy lives.  They supply a wide selection of consumer health and health-food brands, with focus on quality, that many of you already have in your homes.  

Slowly is in its initial phase, with the well-established belief that modern consumers are ripe for having a significant chunk of their everyday goods on subscription. The obvious uplift is convenience, but the additional positive impact on the wallet and the planet is substantial compared to conventional shopping.

From next month’s delivery, Slowly will offer brands such as Biopharma, The Humble Co., Yogi tea, with more to be rolled out.  We already sell Helios, Friggs & Urtekram. 

We have known for a long time that it is entirely possible to compete on price with the biggest stores for our portfolio of products, and our early collaboration with Midsona confirms this.  Customers don’t want to be locked on price and selection by the controlling players — they want and deserve to have better, sustainable choices at fair prices. We will address this space in the market, gaining price leverage with important partnerships like Midsona, and by increasing volumes over time.

As Slowly’s supply and products lead, that gets me enthusiastic about the future, and what "Direct from Producer" partnerships like this will enable for our customers.


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